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At Cadillac, it is in our ethos to bring you a seamless experience. With our warranty, we provide our Cadillac owners with a sense of security and peace of mind. Our reliability and quality of service is what we pride ourselves in and give our customers an unmatched experience, throughout the ownership tenure.


  • The General Motors Overseas Distribution LLC authorized dealer, as seller, warrants each new passenger car or light duty truck and chassis, hereafter called “vehicle.”
  • The warranty covers repairs to correct any malfunction occurring during the warranty period resulting from defects in material or workmanship. Any required adjustments will be made during the warranty period. New or remanufactured parts will be used.
  • The warranty period for all coverages begins on the date the vehicle is first delivered or put in use (as shown on the inside cover of this booklet). It ends at the expiration of the coverage as shown below.
  • The warranty coverage on model year 2019* Cadillac vehicles is 4 years/ 100 000 km*, whichever occurs first.
  • *Terms and Conditions apply. In order to ensure safe operation of the vehicle, each vehicle is tested at GM manufacturing facility as well as Dealer facility prior to customer sale/delivery. Hence, it is normal to have vehicle odometer with few kilometers (mileage) prior to customer sale/delivery. The effective vehicle warranty limit (in Kilometers) of your vehicle will be extended in line with this mileage.
  • To obtain warranty repairs, take the vehicle to an authorized Cadillac dealer within the warranty period and request the needed repairs or adjustments. A reasonable time must be allowed for the dealer to perform necessary repairs.• 
  • Warranty repairs and adjustments (parts and/or labor) will be made at no charge.
  • This warranty is for General Motors Cadillac vehicles registered and normally operated within the Middle East region, provided that the warranty is issued by an authorized General Motors Middle East Cadillac dealer.

Middle East Region (for the purpose of GM Warranty Coverage):All member countries of the GCC, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and Iraq.



As part of giving our customers the best experience possible, It is our intent to repair under warranty, without charge, anything that goes wrong during the warranty period that is the fault of the manufacturer. This includes replacing service supplies, such as oils, coolant, and refrigerant, when needed in making these repairs.

Please note the distinction between “defects” and “damage” as used in the warranty: Defects are covered because manufacturing is responsible; on the other hand, we have no control over damage caused by such things as collision, misuse, and lack of maintenance which occur after the vehicle is delivered to you. Therefore, damage for any reason which occurs after the vehicle is delivered to you is not covered under the warranty.

Maintenance services are also excluded from the warranty because it is the owner's responsibility to maintain their own vehicle in accordance with the maintenance schedule.


The term “adjustments” as used in the warranty refers to minor repair not usually associated with the replacement of parts. Any adjustment (necessary to correct a manufacturing defect) is covered during the WARRANTY PERIOD.


Maintenance and repairs can be performed by a qualified dealer service center outlet or GM authorized Cadillac dealer. To avail the benefits of free maintenance, please visit GM authorized Cadillac dealer. Warranty repairs must be performed by a GM authorized Cadillac dealer. Receipts proving proper performance of GM scheduled maintenance as per specified intervals should be retained in the event questions arise concerning maintenance. These receipts should be transferred to each subsequent owner of this vehicle. GM authorized Cadillac dealers reserve the right to deny warranty coverage if the vehicle has not been properly maintained as per GM schedule and specified intervals. It is recommended to have all scheduled services performed by a GM authorized Cadillac dealer to avail the benefits of free maintenance (if applicable).


Defects or damage to sheet metal, paint, trim, or other appearance items may occur at the factory during assembly or while the vehicle is being shipped to the dealer. Normally, any factory defect or damage is detected and corrected at the factory during the inspection process. In addition, dealers are obligated to inspect each vehicle before delivery. They repair any uncorrected factory defects or damage and any transit damage which they detect before the vehicle is delivered to you.

Sheet metal, paint, or appearance defects still present at the time the vehicle is delivered to you are covered by the warranty. However, for your protection, we suggest that if you do find any such defects, you advise your dealer without delay, as normal deterioration due to use and exposure is not covered by the warranty.

Surface rusts are not covered under warranty. In order to help protect your vehicle against corrosion, it is important that you maintain your vehicle regularly with the following suggestions... Wash regularly with cold, clean water and a mild vehicle wash soap. If insects, tar or other similar deposits have accumulated on your vehicle, wash it as soon as possible.

  • Wash your vehicle in the shade Under certain conditions, special care should be taken to protect your vehicle against corrosion.
  • If you drive the vehicle on or near areas of salt content (sea/ sea shore, etc.), or areas of severe dust, hose off the under carriage with low pressure water rinsing at least once a month.
  • It is important that the drain holes in the lower edges of the doors (if available) and rocker panels be kept clear.
  • If you detect any stone chip or scratches in paint, touch them up immediately.
  • If you are driving in gravel road or swamp areas consider installing mud or stone shields behind each wheel.
  • If you carry special cargo, such as chemicals, fertilizers, de-icers salt, etc., be sure that such materials are well packaged and sealed.
  • If your vehicle is damaged due to accident or similar cause which destroys the paint and protective coating, have your vehicle repaired as soon as possible. The cost of such repair is the responsibility of the owner.


Maintenance services are also excluded from the warranty because it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain their own vehicles in accordance with the maintenance schedule.


For your records, the servicing dealer may provide a copy of the warranty repair record.


If you have a problem with your vehicle after warranty coverage has expired, we urge you to continue to return to your GM authorized Cadillac dealer for routine maintenance, problem diagnosis, and repairs. GM authorized Cadillac dealers know your vehicle best and are interested in your continued satisfaction.


If you are touring in a foreign country (countries other than Middle East region), and repairs are needed, it is suggested you make your vehicle available to a GM authorized Cadillac dealer, preferably one that handles your GM make. For any reimbursement consideration, upon your return home, you should provide your dealer with a statement of circumstances, the original repair order, and any “paid” receipt indicating the work performed and parts replaced.

Please note: repairs made necessary by the use of improper or contaminated fuels are not covered under the warranty. See the owner's manual for additional information on fuel requirements when operating in foreign countries.


General Motors Overseas Distribution LLC and its dealers reserve the right to make changes in vehicles built and/or sold by them at any time without incurring any obligation to make the same or similar changes on vehicles previously built and/or sold by them.


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